Yogic Inspiration Blog

In these short blog posts I want to help you find a deeper connection to your SPIRITUAL practice!

Enriching it with deeper yoga & meditation wisdom and healthy lifestyle inspiration.

By giving yourself time for reflection and seeing the link between what’s happening on your mat to what’s going on in your life you will start to you feel more connected to life!


Why Gut Health is so Important!

Why Gut Health is so Important When you have pain and discomfort after eating,inflammation issues such as arthritis, or feeling depressed or anxious.then maybe it’s

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Sky’s Bhajan Journey

Sky’s bhajan journey… Singing mantras to me is a way to connect with the Divine Singing and chanting help me to feel more peaceful, happy

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Get back in touch with you True Source…

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Sun-food (rawfood) is a plant-based, vegan diet that consists of raw vegetables, fruits, sprouted nuts, seeds, legumes, and ‘super-foods’. 

So when you want to feel more alive, eat more rawfoods!

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