Online Yoga Classes

Tara’s yoga classes are characterized by a fluid combination of flowing movements that guide the body to become softer and stronger and the mind to become alert and yet quiet. 

Working with the breath is integral in her teachings.

Her classes help to open the heart, slow down the mind, and find inner peace!

Tara is a yoga teacher with over 35 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation, she can help you age with grace.

You will not only get rid of back pain and become more flexible but also her classes will bring you to a restful state of presence.

Tara teaches a gentle flowing vinyasa style of yoga as well as slow restorative yin yoga.

tara teaching yoga
Child pose in nature

Stay flexible, fit, and find inner peace.

Especially mature women that are in a transition or transformation in their life, are attracted to my way of teaching yoga as it helps them feel their ageless beauty and go through menopause with more ease and joy.

I give yoga classes four times a week online through zoom which you can attend any time you like.
I also work privately with people to help them find a personalized yoga and meditation practice that suits their needs.


I have been doing Tara’s online classes for nearly six months now. There are options for everyone, her instructions are very clear. I feel much more relaxed and flexible. She also sends us extra information which is very inspirational.
My aim is to continue with her online classes and to attend one of her retreats which look wonderful.
Janet x

testimoial janetJanet Thorpe, Liverpool, UK


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Yin Yoga helps you to sink into stillness and release back pain while you hold postures for extended periods of time.

Yoga Nidra uses a series of body, breath, and awareness techniques that allow the body to deeply restore itself.