Yoga Retreat in Magical India!

From 12 - 24 January, 2024

Do you love to explore other cultures with a group of like-minded people while deepening  your yoga, meditation and mantra practice then this Retreat is created with you in mind!

Imagine yourself for a moment being in an oases of tranquility…

Far indeed from the madding crowd and far removed from the wild clamor of trendy hotspots and beach raves, here you can still find space and silence.

Your whole body hums with gratitude and anticipation as you feel the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair, and smell the fresh, clean air.

You jump into the warm ocean and smile inwardly to your self, so happy to be in India, ready to explore and discover new things. 

beach yoga

Yes you feel ready for a whole new adventure as you surrender yourself to the magic of India. 

Already so much has changed during the last two days.

You’ve loosened and lightened up, and you can feel already how the yoga has made you stronger and more flexible, even when you’ve not done much these passed years?

You delight in the shift you feel,  your mind has emptied and expanded

Finally you can have some undisturbed me-time and there’s a celebration going on inside of you.

Welcome to the magic of India

Is this you? 

  • You love to travel and explore different cultures.

  • You like to do this with other like-minded people.

  • You have been working a lot and need time for yourself now to relax and recharge.

  • You want to find more clarity and peace in yourself

  • You are open for new inspiration regarding your spiritual practice.

  • You like to be supported and guided by people who know India well.

  • You seek to create a lasting transformation in yourself.

During the course of the retreat
you will probably find yourself…

  • Progressively feeling calmer and more at peace so that you can let go of things of the past and trust your inner flow…
  • Transcending old patterns of limitation, dropping inner resistance and revealing more trust in your self and life.
  • Accessing your own ocean of inner wisdom, leaving you with a more reliable inner guidance system to navigate your life.
  • Becoming immersed in intense presence, so that you can be more in the moment.

Would that not be already enough to join us?


Feel what is sacred and natural

Feel what is wild and natural

Allow yourself to be more in stillness surrounded by the beautiful nature all around you.

Re-wild yourself with the healing power of nature and connect with your body.

Do yoga while you gaze at the endless sky, smell the scent of flowers, and hear the sound of birds.

Move, Dance, Sing. Relax and rest your body, open your heart, and start to feel whole again.

Remember you are part of nature and belong to Mother Earth.

Simply be.

Discvover the Spiritual side of India

Learn about the Spiritual side of India

Enjoy the magic of India through its temples, the mantras, the customs, rituals etc.

Learn how to care for your body as a temple with traditional Indian practices that help you experience your health, vitality, and radiance.

Create soul nourishing rituals and ceremonies to connect you to your spiritual Source.

Feel and look beautiful.

Make space for healing and empowerment

Make space for healing and empowerment

Learn who you truly are to Let go of what you are not.

Using traditional Ayurvedic techniques as well as ancient yoga, breathing and meditation techniques you will start to make space for healing and empowerment. .

Also by giving yourself space to just be, healing will happen in magical ways..

Meet Your Hosts

Who have lived, traveled and run retreats together as a loving family in India since many years…

Tara under olive tree

Tara Kleij

Tara is is a yogini in heart and soul.

Studying, practicing and exploring the subtle and creative aspects of the art and science of yoga and meditation since over 35 years.

Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, have been her channels to awaken the energies of body, breath and mind revealing the inner mysteries of Yoga.

Through her clear guidance she helps people to open their heart and clear their mind as well as to become more flexible and strong in their body.

In 2006 she created her own Sunfood Yoga Retreats.

Sky Kleij

Sky grew up partly in Holland, Spain and India with his mother Tara, father Inti and his brother Surya.

When he was sixteen he had a kind of awakening that brought him on a deep spiritual path that made him travel to India for years on end.

Visiting many spiritual places, meeting enlightened masters and living at Amma’s ashram as a karma yogi for 2 years during lockdown.

Sky plays mantras on guitar since many years and leads regular Kirtan to create sacred spaces throughout yoga classes, retreats, workshops and on festivals that open peoples hearts.

Inti ki Jay

Inti ki Jay

Inti is first of all an amazing masseur, qualified in Shiatsu as well as Deep Tissue Massage. He works as a massage therapist in  retreat centers around the world.

Besides he is very passionate about collecting images and information about  Goddess worship through the ages.

His interest was kindled by a few surviving Yogini temples in India that reflect the Divine in female form.

The Yogini is were the direct personal channel to the Divine teacher, beloved. Goddess incarnate.

Tara is his ultimate Yogini!

Best retreat I have been on.. nurturing, loving, supportive family vibe!!
Very professional, caring and WONDERFUL teachers. 

Outstanding retreat location, facilities and food.
You won’t only want to go back, you won’t want to leave..
thank you for your beautiful energy.

Monique Heerlenfrom Holland 

Where will we be?

Marari beach, situated at the coast of Kerala, South of Cochin.

This place has kept it’s tranquil atmosphere (as not many tourists have yet discovered this place)!

With it’s traditional fisherfolk and their gentle ways of life, known for their simplicity and elegant charm it’s the ideal place to relax, unwind and return to your natural inner rhythm and flow.

Soak in the sun and swim in the warm blue sea. Wake up to the sound of birds and start your day with meditation, pranayama, mantra and yoga.

Dive deep into your natural, wild wisdom through connecting with Heart and Mind, Body and Soul.

Imagine breathing deeply and thanking yourself as you gaze up at the vast sky full of stars that you gave this precious gift to yourself. 

partner yoga
Fruitsalade breakfast

I came with an open heart to learn more about Prana Life Force Energy
and find more grounding in my busy life. I also came with the intention of finding inner peace.

Tara’s amazing practice and peaceful environment truly embodied the authentic
Yoga spiritual experience that l was searching for and l found it.

Ronan, from UK 

Fruitsalade breakfast
Indian Curry
Indian food diversity
Inti at marari beach

The Cuisine

Our chefs take pride in creating delicious, healthy meals using home-grown and where possible organic and always locally sourced ingredients, to prepare nutritious vegetarian dishes.

We are happy to accommodate the needs of guests with allergies to particular foods and often prepare gluten and dairy-free meals – all served with love!

We can see this retreat as a wonderfully gentle way to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit, your body will be renewed in several ways.

Please write to us if you have any special needs, so that our chefs can take care of them.

fermented buckwheat pancakes

Certain things come along and change your life. This beautiful retreat is one. 

I feel so so peaceful and content and able to face able my life with renewed grace. 

Thank you Tara for your beautiful, elegant and peaceful teaching.

Anne Maria, Yoga Teacher from Germany

Doin Sacred Puja
Tara at banyam tree
Tara at the monkey temple

What can you expect from this retreat?

  • To be taken care of from the moment you arrive in India.

  • To be inspired and guided with meditation, pranayama, yoga and mantra.

  • To be taken on excursions and activities that allow you to connect with the country and its specialities.

  • To be surprised and delighted by Indian rituals, mantra singing, chanting and other spiritual  experiences.

  • To be connected each day to one of the chakras and its element and to deepen your understanding of them.

  • To connect with like-minded people.

  • To open your heart more through heart sharing circles.

  • To connect more deeply with your inner wisdom.

  • There will be plenty of space each day to follow your own flow and be with yourself as well.

  • To rest, reflect, be in nature, connect with others and receive pampering

  • To come back home with so much inspiration that will last for a long time to come…

  • For spontaneous magic to happen!

Our Themes and Daily Schedule

Each day the yoga and meditations are dedicated to one of the chakras.

In this way each day has a different focus as we rise up together from the root to the crown.


  • Afternoon:
    – Settling in and Connecting – Creating a sacred, safe space- agreements
    – Setting intentions and Focus
  • Evening: Welcome Ceremony

DAY 2 – Saturday 13 January 

New Moon – New Beginning!

  • Morning:
    Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Ocean time
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon: Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Dinner

DAY 3 – First Chakra – Grounding ourselves!

  • Morning:
    Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Possible excursion
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon: Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Dinner

DAY 4 – Second Chakra – Getting in our Flow

Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga

  • Breakfast
  • Ocean time
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon: Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Dinner

DAY 5 – Third Chakras- Spicing it up!

  • Morning:
    Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Excursion
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon: Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Dinner

DAY 6 – Heart Chakra – Letting the Heart speak

  • Morning:
    Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Ocean time
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon: Heart Sharing & Cacao Ceremony
  • Dinner

DAY 7 – Throat chakra – Purification

  • Morning:
    Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Ocean time
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon: 
    Sharing Circle, walking our talk.
  • Dinner
  • Mantra singing Circle.

DAY 8 – Third Eye – Inner Guidance

  • Morning:
    Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Ocean time
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon:  Sharing: What is your Wisdom? What are your Keys?
  • Dinner

DAY 9 – Crown Chakra – Divine Guidance

  • Morning:
    Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Ocean time
  • Lunchtime
  • Afternoon: Free time/Treatments/Reflection
  • Dinner

DAY 10 – Bringing it all together

  • Morning:
    Meditation, pranayama, mantra & yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Ocean time
  • Lunchtime
  •  Afternoon: Free time/Treatments/Reflection
  • Dinner
  • Evening: Integration ceremony and setting up healthy happy habits

DAY 11 – Departure day 

After our morning meditation, pranayama and yoga session we will have breakfast together and then some people will continue their journey, some will stay longer and some will go home…

Monkey at Shiva Lingam

What will you receive?

For just €1,680 you will receive:

*for a twin shared room rates are €1,480,- per person.

  • A personal one-to-one session with Tara to help you prepare yourself for your travels in the best possible way and listen to your personal needs & desires.
  • Three experienced India travelers who will hold and support you.
  • An experience of Indian-luxury in your own private room and re-wilding in the stunning nature of Kerala, Southern India.
  • An 11-day retreat held on a beautiful quiet Beach includes stunning white sandy beaches and a warm ocean.
  • Three beautiful meals daily – prepared fresh from local ingredients.
  • Daily meditation, pranayama, mantra and yoga sessions,  on our beautiful shady rooftop or on the beach.
  • A variety of excursions designed to help you connect with the country as well as to yourself and your fellow travelers.
  • The simple pleasures of rest and space to be.
  • A powerful Cacao ceremony to open our hearts in a profound and deep way.
  • Celebration ceremony to honor who you are and what you bring.
Sunset at the beach
Backwater trip


Its also possible to stay longer or come earlier. Just contact Tara for the available options…


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