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Play and sing Indian mantras/bhajans on the guitar with Sky Shanti

A mantra is a sacred chant. It’s a word or phrase with spiritual power that’s spoken or sung repeatedly during meditation.

Through the practice of singing mantras, we experience the unity of being, and life takes on a deeper meaning.

Some of the bhajans included in the course are Shivaya Namah Om, Ganesha Om, Gayatri Mantra… Just to name a few…

Singing mantras is a way for us to connect to our true source and feel a deep sense of peace & bliss. 

It is a way for us to express ourselves through sacred sound vibrations and reach a meditative and peaceful state by chanting the names of the Divine.

Below you can see all the mantra /bhajan tutorials on guitar with cords and meaning and as a bonus, we also added a lot of extra songs and mp 3 downloads!

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