Panchakarma Cleanse Treatment

Himalaya view Sky pancha karma

Pancha Karma Cleanse in the Himalayas in India My son Sky just recently did a Pancha Karma in the Himalayas. Below he shares his experience…At the moment I’m at the Haidakhan Babaji Ashram Chiliyanaula , near to Ranikhet , a beautiful and charming hill station located in Almora district in the Uttarakhand state with an […]

Navaratri, Nine Nights Celebration of the Goddess


Navaratri” means the nine nights and it’s a Hindu festival to celebrate the different forms of the Goddess Durga for nine days ( Navdurga). It’s a celebration of the Divine Mother, and the love, abundance, and protection she offers us. Devi, Goddess, Shakti, Divine Mother, Durga, the many forms—these all represent the dynamic and fluid […]

Why Gut Health is so Important!

Why Gut Health is so Important When you have pain and discomfort after eating,inflammation issues such as arthritis, or feeling depressed or anxious.then maybe it’s time to look at your gut health.   Our health – good or bad – starts in the gut Like many, we have experienced how important Gut health is. Through […]

Sky’s Bhajan Journey

Sky’s bhajan journey… Singing mantras to me is a way to connect with the Divine Singing and chanting help me to feel more peaceful, happy and connected I remember growing up as a child hearing people around me singing mantras together in groups and feeling a deep sense of peace, love, and togetherness. My parents […]

Longing for the Source

Longing for the Source There is one thing all human beings have in common; we all want to feel at home! Now, what is it that makes us feel at home? Home is a place of love, a place where we feel connected with our surroundings, where we are at peace with ourselves, and where […]