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Sun Food Yoga

Where Optimum Nutrition meets Yogic Well-Being!

Hi, I’m Tara

A yogini in heart and soul!

I created Sun-Food-Yoga out of my love for the sun, good healthy food, and yoga.

On our Retreats, you can experience a combination of yoga, mantra, meditation, pranayama, plant medicine, chakra dance, and ceremonies in combination with a nourishing plant-based diet to bring you deep healing.

I want to empower and inspire you to bring the sacredness back into your life and to make you feel “home away from home”.

Come back to your True Self in the fresh abundant nature of Andalucia in Southern Spain, or in Sacred India.

You will start to feel more peaceful, calm, and joyful each day and meet like-minded people that can become friends for a lifetime.


heart opening yoga retreats

Transformational retreats with yoga, delicious raw food, sacred plant medicine & women’s retreats.

Yoga Classes (online)

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Tara is a yogini in heart & soul with over 35 years of yoga experience. Join your first class for free.

Online Courses

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Do yoga and develop deep self-awareness for inspired living in the convenience of your own home!

My gift to you with no strings attached – please enjoy the depth of Yin Yoga.

Once you enter your details you will be asked to confirm your email address and once you confirm, you will have immediate access to the class.

Create your very own Fountain of Youth with Yin Yoga!

Go deep with long-held stretching poses that stimulate and open the body’s meridians or energy pathways.

Restore youthful joint mobility and create a deep feeling of energy, vitality, and calm.

This higher awareness of yourself will resonate within all areas of your life.

I believe that by healing ourselves we ultimately help to create a peace-filled world.

Yoga has been my life’s journey that started as a young girl living in a spiritual ashram in India called ‘Auroville’.


Testimonial Vilma Henkelman

Being with Tara is believing in the essential of yoga. Her modest and cheerful energy and her vitality show the result of the teaching. Teachings for the body, but sure also for the mind. “Beauty in all things.” Her teaching is beauty. Being with her is beautiful.

Agnieszka Szelejak testimonial

So much love, so much care, so much beauty. That must be SunfoodYoga. Thank you for creating this safe space. This feminine space, where women can blossom like flowers in the spring nourished, loved, taken care of. This is what you create Tara! You invite us to love ourselves again. We, all, as a group, as an individual, took this invitation. And look at what happened, we are all shiny and bright. Thank you, and bless you and everybody here.

Lots of love, tons of it, Agnes.


If you are looking for a genuine, spiritual, and dynamic yoga teacher, this is the retreat for you. Tara works from the heart and is absolutely authentic. As a yoga teacher, I came for inspiration. Well, I have found it in many ways. A lot of attention is being paid to raw food as well and it’s yummy!

Mireille Goedkoop, Owner and Founder of Soul Yoga Retreats.