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Yoga Difficult? No, Yoga is for everyone, as it is not about getting postures picture perfect but finding peace within yourself. When you do yoga regularly it helps us to find a relaxed, open radiant presence in the centre of our hectic lives.

The ultimate goal of yoga is "union" with the divine, which also means union with our bodies, our emotions, our hearts and our souls. We are reuniting what has become separate, which includes our entire relationship with life and with each other. So the real promise of yoga is not just to feel healthier in your body but to awaken your consciousness ino the Infinite!

Some of the physical benefits of yoga are that it helps to eliminate toxins out of the body, release back pain and it has a positive effect on the hormonal balance, thus creating rejuvenation. The morning classes tend to be more active Hatha Flow Yoga and the afternoons are more relaxing Yin Yoga style.

Tara is the founder of Sunfoodyoga and teaches yoga and meditation on all her retreats. As a result of her Indian background her focus is both on the physical ánd the spiritual side of the yoga practice, she weaves the knowledge of the chakra system into her retreats and online course. Tara is a yogini in heart and soul.

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Tara Yoga meditation

Tara meditation


With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many people feel stressed and over-worked. Meditation is one of the most powerful ways that can lead you back to inner peace. Just the simple act of following your breath and being a witness of your own thoughts and feelings will help you to become more calm and focused. 

Meditation can also be called a state of “no-mind” or “beyond mind". A state where we leave our concepts behind of what we think we are or should be, and start being who we truly are. Being more aware in each present moment.


Pranayama exercises are yogic breathing techniques that strengthen, purifiy and calm the nervous system through cleansing the energy channels in the body, called nadis.

When we re-remember how to breathe, we begin to slow down, trust, and relax. We are a reflection of our nervous system, so when we are calm it benefits our general health on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Pranayama is a great tool to prepare for deep meditation and to reduce stress and anxiety as well as enhancing our life force energy.

Tara pranayama

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Partner yoga can be done with any body! It expands the traditionally individual science of Yoga into connecting with another person in a playful and sacred way. Sometimes the asanas are done mirrorwise and other times in a complementary position, both people give and receive and there is a constant physical contact in the postures.

Doing the yoga practice together helps to experience the essence of yoga- which is 'Union'. We can be very intimate with each other without any further expectations. The touch and support helps you to hold poses for longer, thus deepening the impact of the pose. It is important however to communicate your limits and make adjustments when needed.

At times the weight of your partner will help you to bend deeper and with more pleasure than on your own.
The rhythmic rise and fall, happening through breathing in and out can be experienced as a gentle massage. Feeling the warmth and support of your partner's body can also help you to relax and surrender more easily

Themes such as trust, compassion and other universal principles are woven into the practice. In partner yoga we can experience the silence together and connect on a deeper level, beyond our personalities, revealing our deeper nature. Partner Yoga leaves you with a peaceful, balanced and nurtured feeling. 

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