During our retreats there will be a choice of massage treatments at an additional cost.

Our team of world-class therapists is here to give you healing and pampering - give yourself a treat!

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Thai Yoga massage

Thai Yoga massage has its roots in Yoga and Ayurveda.

It combines acupressure and yogic stretches to create a powerful healing massage.

The receiver has loose fitting clothes on while the therapist applies pressure along meridian lines, using hands, feet's and elbows, in combination with gentle yoga stretching. This releases blocked energy and restores balance, health and harmony.

Thai Yoga massage is both energizing and soothing. It increases vitality and flexibility whilst at the same time bringing a deep sense of rest.

It will boost your immunity, clear out toxins and free tensions in the body.

Sessions can last up to 2 hours and are best received on an empty stomach wearing loose comfortable clothing.

  • Wear long comfortable pants and a t-shirt

1 hour treatment- € 65

thai massage treatment

ayurvedic yoga massage

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Ayurvedic yoga massage is an ancient healing system that uses deep strokes and yoga stretches to rejuvenate body and mind.The treatment is given with hands and feet, on the floor. The Ayurvedic oils and calamus powder help to clear the pores of the skin and activate the blood circulation.The stretches and deep strokes help to:
  • release deep seated tensions
  • eliminate toxins
  • stimulate blood circulation
  • activate the digestive fire.

The Ayurvedic system stimulates, opens and balances the whole body

1 hour treatment: 65 €


Thai Reflexology

Is a wonderful relaxing yet invigorating treatment for the feet.

Anna uses a combination of hand techniques, including thumb pressure, knuckling and two handed palm movements, along with the use of a special Thai stick made from teak wood for specific acupressure. She uses traditional thai style reflexology with western techniques.

The massage works the feet and lower legs, stimulates meridian and reflex points relating to the entire body, awakening and enlivening the bodies healing process. The use of the organic oils and strong smooth movements, leave your feet and whole being feeling totally refreshed and pampered.

Anna gives the foot reflexology treatments, she studied in Thailand and is accredited by the union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society.

45 minutes treatment - € 45

thai reflexology massage

fusion massage

Fusion massage

From the soles of your feet to the top of your head, this fusion of different cultural massage techniques is combined to make this more then just a massage.

Using essential oils to create relaxation and wellness to deeply heal your body while soothing your soul.

We use techniques from rebalancing, classical and Ayurvedic massage.

1 hour treatment - € 65