Shiva Shakti Retreat Spring 2018 Spain

Yoga & Massage Shiva-Shakti Retreat

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Shiva-Shakti Retreat from 20-27 April 2018 in Andalusia, Southern Spain.

Relax, rest, repair, renew and replenish!

Honouring and celebrating the divine in our Partner and Ourselves! Through Yoga and PartnerYoga, Massage and Singing of Mantras/Bhajans. An inner Journey through all the Chakras, the Elements, being treated with inspiring tasty and healthy Rawfood and much much more !!!

Sounds good? Let me tell you more . . .

Tara and Inti ( a loving tantric couple for over 18 years) are going to share all their knowledge of creating sacred time together through the different practices that they live, share and teach for many years now. In the wonderful retreat centre "La Canada" with their exotic gardens full of oranges and ancient old olive trees we will indulge in the beauty and lushness of this place and be enjoying partner yoga, massage and amazing gourmet rawfood on top of wonderful excursions to explore the surrounding area...

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partner yoga

The Yoga

You will be gently taken into a deepening practice of (Partner) yoga postures, meditation and pranayama. It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced student, there is enough personal attention as we keep our groups small.

We will do quite a bit of PartnerYoga too, which is a great way of easing into the postures with the gentle support, or weight, of your partner. Often done in mirror-wise or complementing asanas, we both enjoy a little stronger stretch with more ease. We can tune into each others rhythm of breath and take that minimal movement as a nourishing massage.


Most of the afternoon will be dedicated to the art and pleasure of massage, both in giving and receiving. Under the competent guidance of Tara and Inti, you will be introduced to different styles of massage.

Among others Thai Massage which is also aptly called Thai Yoga Massage, as it involves many stretches that resemble (partner) yoga postures. When done well it gives the masseur/masseuse just as much of a stretch as the receiving partner.

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The Cuisine

Breakfast can be anything from almond milk with granola, banana pancakes to crackers with avocado and cashew cheese with a smoothie prepared with Superfoods.

Dinner times are always a joy for the senses, there’s always something fascinating to taste – and If you can't eat or like certain things – no worries – we are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences. All food is gluten, sugar, and lactose-free at our retreats – only delicious homemade raw food, using the freshest and organically grown ingredients.

Exotic fruits, like mangoes, papayas, figs, etc. can be taken throughout the day.

Your taste buds will be delighted by Indian Tikka Masala with Onion Badjis, Mushroom Stroganoff, Thai creamy curry with tempeh vegetables, and mouthwatering leek quiches just to name a few dishes you will try on the retreat. 

The Venue

We will be staying 8 days together in a lovely retreat centre, set in lush exotic gardens with a big beautiful swimming pool. 

All around it is beautiful, complete with ancient olive, orange, and fig trees laden with fruits ready to pick. Here you can relax and recharge your whole being while you slip back into the natural rhythms of nature. 

Situated in the gardens there are some cottages with each their own terrace, looking out on ancient olive trees. The main house, with the kitchen and the dining room, has several single and double rooms to choose from.

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Hi, We are Tara and Inti, and we are passionate about yoga and creating sacred space together and with others!

We always take our time to do yoga and massage together and teach for many years in Spain, India and Holland.

Our approach to living a wonderful life together is making enough time for each other through yoga, mantra singing evenings and massage as well as being in nature. We embrace our vibrant life together and wish the same for everyone.

After 10 years of teaching partner yoga together on other retreats, we now offer it in our own sunfoodyoga retreats. Here you can enjoy the powerful blend of raw cuisine combined with the finest yoga & meditation experiences in a beautiful natural surrounding.


more about us 
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What’s Included:

  • Comfortable rooms, double or single occupancy.
  • 3 meals a day.
  • Yoga and meditation in the mornings and massage in the afternoon.
  • Unlimited spring water and herbal teas
  • Fresh herb tea & tropical fruits throughout the day
  • Big swimming pool
  • Juices & smoothies enhanced with superfoods
  • Dramatic views of Spain's majestic landscape.
  • Evening discussions/DVDs on a variety of subjects ranging from yoga, tantra and massage
  • What’s Not Included:

    • The transport
    • Treatments
    • Drinks and food took outside of the centre

Daily schedule Shiva Shakti Retreat

Daily schedule Shiva Shakti Retreat

Daily schedule Shiva Shakti Retreat

Every day we have a partner yoga, a chakra meditation and Thai massage session with Tara and Inti. Breakfast and lunch are Gourmet Raw enhanced with Superfoods. Dinner is more Ayurvedic style 9 am Chakra Meditation 10 am is breakfast 11;00-13;00 Partner yoga 13,30 pm lunch Then some free time to relax at the swimming pool or treat yourself to a message. 17,00 - 19,00 pm Thai massage 19,30 pm dinner. Some days we have an evening program and we will have excursions to explore the beautiful Alpujarras region.

Day 1

Day 1

Arrival day. Programm starts at 17 pm with a juice and a sharing circle. At 19 pm we have dinner.

Day 2

Day 2

Every day we have a partner yoga, a chakra meditation and Thai massage session with Tara and Inti. The focus of the day is on the first chakra and the element earth. We work on grounding ourselves and our bodies.

Day 3

Day 3

Every day we have a partner yoga, a chakra meditation and Thai massage session with Tara and Inti. The focus of the day is the second chakra and the element water. We work on getting more into the flow of the practice. Also, we will go on an excursion to the waterfalls to enjoy and feel the water cleansing our bodies.

Day 4

Day 4

Every day we have a partner yoga, a chakra meditation and Thai massage session with Tara and Inti. The focus of the day is the third chakra and the element fire. We get more into an active and dynamic partner yoga practice. In the evening we will have a fire ceremony where one can let go of what no longer serves us and invite our new creative ideas to manifest!

Day 5

Day 5

Every day we have a partner yoga, a chakra meditation and Thai massage session with Tara and Inti. The focus of the day is the fourth chakra and the element air We will add more pranayama, breathing exercises to our practices. We will have a heart sharing circle this day!

Day 6

Day 6

Every day we have a partner yoga, a chakra meditation and Thai massage session with Tara and Inti. The focus of the day is the fifth chakra and the element ether. We will focus on purification through speech, stillness and listening exercises. We will have a mantra circle this evening!

Day 7

Day 7

Every day we have a partner yoga, a chakra meditation and Thai massage session with Tara and Inti. The focus of the day is the sixth chakra and the element light. We will focus on getting more in contact with our intuition and inner wisdom. Mantra circle this evening!

Day 8

Day 8

Departure day. We finish with a meditation for the crown chakra and after that have breakfast at 9,30 am. People leave then slowly...

WHERE: La Canada, Near Orgiva, Alpujarra mountain area, Andalusia, Southern Spain.

ARRIVAL: Malaga airport, for more info go to our TRAVEL PAGE

TEACHERS: Tara and her partner Inti withmore than 15 years experience of teaching and living the yoga lifestyle together.

FOOD: 3 meals a day (mostly all raw gourmet style)

DRINKS: smoothies and juices are made fresh and are enhanced with superfoods.

This retreat will give you a lot of joy and inspiration! You can come with your partner, a good friend or alone. You will definitely make new and lasting friendships with like-minded people!

Granada is nearby with its Arabic influences, invoking images of gipsies and medieval maze-like streets with the snow top mountain peaks from the Sierra Nevada in the background.

This sounds awesome! Reserve my spot! 


When you book a retreat with us you will get Tara's online course: " PURE RADIANCE " with an extra 10 % discount. This online course will give you all the tools to practice yoga and meditation in the comfort of your own home and tune into the more spiritual side of the practice by getting to know more about the chakras.  



  • Anne Mc Crickard from England

    Anne Mc Crickard from England

    Certain things come along and change your life. This beautiful retreat is one. I feel so so peaceful and content and able to face life with renewed grace. Thank you Tara for your beautiful, elegant and peaceful teaching. Anne McCrickart 18-05-2016
  • Francine Punt from Holland

    Francine Punt from Holland

    The thing that makes this yoga retreat stand out amongst others is the special warm and relaxed atmosphere that Tara is able to create as well in the team as in our the group. Tara i think you are amazingly diverse yoga teacher a great masseuse, but most importantly a very warm radiant and easy going person. I enjoyed the morning and evening yoga sessions and i did learn a lot and became more flexible during this week. My state of mind was effected very positively by doing the meditation. The other great thing during the stay was that you were very flexible and the schedules could be rearranged according to all our voices. We even made a walk to a fall and dipped in the water. All of us guests and crew became like one big family this week . Amanda being always the happy Mother feeding us wonderful raw food dishes I've ever seen. Adam was sharing all his knowledge with us ,giving us invaluable information on nutrition. Besides very good company of course. Last but not least Claudia's raw chocolate workshop and Sarah with her ability to coordinate , help, prepare anywhere necessary . In short it was one of the nicest retreats I've ever went to . I want to thank you all for this beautiful memory that will last a life time. Francine Punt 15-05-2015
  • Simone Freitag from Germany

    Simone Freitag from Germany

    Dear Tara, Thank you so much for a wonderful, relaxing retreat. I enjoyed the food, the yoga and the people. Raw food has not been a major focus until now, but Sam, Pam and Amanda are the magicians in the kitchen. I enjoyed every bit of food that was on our plates - nourishing me so greatly. I am very keen on continuing a big part of it and I'm really inspired by the variety of the raw food. The yoga practice was kind, gentle and very self-focusing. I was just at the right place, at the right time. And I am more than grateful for this experience. I learned a lot about myself, and I am happy to continue my journey towards a self-aware and self-conscious life. When it comes to the people, it is super how we all connect together in just one retreat. I found it the most wonderful collection of people I can imagine. We shared and laughed so much. Even younger and older women connecting so greatly is not easy, but we made it a truly memorable experience and we will keep this in our hearts forever. Thank you so much for providing this time and space. Your effort is truly remarkable. Love and peace, Simone 20-05-2015