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Interview #4: Tara Esther Kleij

Tara Esther Kleij

47 years old
Andalucia, Spain

 Yoga is a way of life for Tara Kleij, who began the practice as a child living in the Auroville commune in Pondicherry, India. Now a busy mother of two, she shares the benefits of the raw diet by hosting health retreats throughout the year. You can find out more about these retreats at www.sunfoodyoga.com

Sunfoodyoga Article in La Chispa Dec. 2011

Long ago, in the last dying decades of the past Millennium, when free spirits flowered into what would be termed hippies, a young and devoted artist mother took her even younger daughter to India to live in a spiritual community "Auroville." This is where and how Tara Esther Kleij was initiated in to the joys of Yoga and Meditation, a joy and inspiration that has never left her since.
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