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Hi there beautiful one

I'd like to welcome you to this online course, a program that will work, truly and efficiently, to change what needs changing. Whether you want to learn or do more yoga, open your heart, lose weight or transform any aspect of your life, now's your chance. You will have all of this course for a life time, as it is all downloadable. You can always check back and re-visit any step of this course. As you do, you'll gain new insights all over again!

So whether you are a newbie just starting out on your journey or an experienced yoga practitioner seeking to enhance your skills or simply wish to develop your personal practice, the Pure Radiance program will provide you with the tools to enrich your life and learn authentic knowledge, grounded both in self-awareness and experience.

It is  a four-month long journey and guiding experience that will help you, find your path to pure radiance in body, mind and soul. The best part is learning that everything we need is already within us and Pure Radiance will help you access your gifts and beauty from the inside out. The Pure Radiance experience provides a great way to find long lasting happiness, peace and the ability to share the yogic lifestyle with others.

From the first chakra where you connect with the fundament of your existence to the eighth Chakra that represents your whole self connected with life, the world and people around you. During the Pure Radiance program we will help guide you through every step in your journey towards self-enlightenment.


pure radiance online course
  • learn simple ways to open, align and strecth your body?

  • feel energized and flexible?

  • take charge of your own health?

  • learn simple detox techniques that give you more energy? 

  • Free yourself from confusion and frustration around your health?

  • Share strategies, pitfalls and successes with like-minded people?

  • eat, be satisfied and free of the bondage of diets and live your ideal body size?

  • make positive changes in your life that are easy to implement in your life?


Then come join us,  I promise you it will be worth it.

All great transformations start at the base, as does your journey to finding Pure Radiance. 


Content of the course:

1e chakrastep 1: GET ROOTED

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All great transformations start at the base, also your Pure Radiance!

We provide you with the tools to learn how to ground yourself through your food, yoga, breath and meditation. In this first step, you create the basics for your yourney through all your chakras. The first chakra is called Mooladhara in sanskrit, which means ‘root-chakra’ and is represented by the element earth.

Here we connect with the fundament of our existence. From here we ground and nourish ourselves, connect ourselves deeper with our body and the earth that carries and feeds us abundantly. In this module, we familiarize ourselves with the basic principles of Yoga, the Raw Food- and Ayurvedic kitchen.

Each step will have a intro talk from Tara, what this chakra is all about and how we can tune in to the energy of this chakra. 

  • content step 1

    • Grounding yoga video with Tara’s ‘Earth Flow’ series
    • Visualize your inner pure radiance (mp3)
    • Grounding earth meditation (mp3)
    • What are bhandhas? (mp3)
    • Recipes like: raw lasagna, almond milk and chocolate chia pudding

    nice extras

    • Chakra chart  (pdf)
    • Beauty Rituals (pdf)
    • Grow your own sprouts ( pdf)

2e chakrastep 2: GO WITH YOUR FLOW

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Letting go, follow your inner flow...

You are going to lift yourself up to a total new level of self-care, beauty, and wellness. Get in touch with your longings and possibilities!

The second chakra is called Swadhistana, that means ‘sweetness’ and ‘your own space’. This chakra represents flow and movement, connected with the element water. Beauty, joy, and creativity live here.

book direct or read more about the next steps towards your pure radiance

content step 2

  • Yoga video with Tara’s ‘Creative Flow’ series
  • Guided Pranayama to connect with your inner flow (mp3)
  • Guided Yoga Nidra for restorative healing time
  • Recipes to make delicious Raw Chocolate with Superfoods
  • Handout about how to make creative juices and smoothies

nice extras

  • Chakra Flow dance music and instructions (mp3)
  • Handout: how to give yourself a massage treat and make your own sensual massage oil using essential oils


online step 3 header pic 1159x500

Step into your authentic power!

Get in touch with your own power is central to all exercises and food in this module. The third chakra is called Manipura in Sanskrit, which means ‘Shining Jewel’.

This chakra is situated near your solar plexus and is connected with the element fire. Here lives your Power to make your hopes and dreams come true.

content step 3

  • Yoga Video to activate your inner fire
  • Meditation to let your inner sun Shine (mp3)
  • Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation (mp3)
  • Pranayama to activate your inner fire and digestion
  • Recipes: How to use herbs in Raw Food and Ayurvedic Cuisine to help activate digestion
  • Handouts How to make Probiotic Rejuvelac and Kefir yourself

nice extras

  • Handout How to make a stimulating lemon drink to alkalise your body

4e chakrastep 4: LIVE FROM YOUR HEART!

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Connect with your heart for inner peace and harmony

Move into your heart to get in touch with your ‘True Self’. This fourth chakra represents the element air and is connected with your emotional wellbeing, with devotion and your capacities for deep compassion and unconditional love.

The fourth chakra is called Anahata in Sanskrit, which means ‘unstruck’, the ever-present cosmic sound that sounds without the need for objects to be struck together.

content step 4

  • Yoga Video with exercises to bring you into your heart chakra
  • Meditation for compassion and kindness (mp3)
  • Pranayama to open chest and heart chakra (mp3)
  • Recipes to create different combinations of green smoothies

nice extras

  • Handout How to grow your own sunflower seed-sprouts
  • Handout How to alkalise your body with nutritious Wheat grass juice, and grow it yourself
  • Handout More about the importance of Pranayama

5e chakrastep 5: SPEAK YOUR TRUTH

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Give voice to your True Self

The Fifth Chakra is called Vishuddha which means 'Purification' and is located at the throat. It is related to our vocal cords, self-expression, co-creation, and authenticity. Walking our talk and speaking our truth!

The fifth chakra is connected with the element space, and as such with the space to be yourself and in that authenticity to connect with others.

content step 5

  • Yoga Video with exercises to open and release tension in neck and shoulders
  • Jalandhara Bandha explanation and practice (mp3)
  • Ujaji Pranayama to open the throat chakra
  • Recipes with seaweed, spiralina and other nutrition rich foods

nice extras

  • Mantra text and meaning: to listen to and sing along (mp3)
  • Handout: How to use super foods to the max

6e chakrastep 6: INNER WISDOM

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Trust your inner knowing

The Sixth Chakra, also called 'Third Eye Chakra' represents the element of consciousness, and it is located at the centre of your eyebrows, related to your intuition, feeling guided by your inner wisdom.

In Sanskrit its name is Ajna-chakra which means ‘to perceive’. When we are in tune with this chakra, we trust our inner knowing and follow its mystical guidance with full faith.

content step 6

  • Yoga Video to get in touch with your inner guidance
  • Meditation for deep inquiry through candle gazing (mp3)
  • Pranayama with Sun and Moon Breath, balancing your Shiva and Shakti energies
  • Recipes to make delicious crackers and granola

nice extras

  • video about food dehydrating, making your own granola and crackers

7e chakrastep 7: DIVINE WISDOM

online step 7 header pic 1159x500

Connect with Divine Wisdom

The Seventh Chakra is called Sahasrara which means 'thousandfold'. It is located at the crown of our head like a rainbow colored lotus flower opening up its thousand petals to the Universe and is the access point to divine wisdom.

This space awakens us to the grace within and beyond when we are able to transcend the pull of our ego and the attachments that we may have to the physical world. When we learn the life lessons that free us from our shadow selves, we will ultimately, finally reach a state of true bliss.

content step 7

  • Yoga video with exercises to open up to Divine Wisdom
  • Meditation for deep inner contemplation (mp3)
  • Yoga Nidra for letting go and trust
  • Recipes: Amazingly Delicious Raw Sushi

nice extras

  • Video: How to make easy and delicious Raw Sushi

8e chakrastep 8: READY FOR THE WORLD!

online step 8 header pic 1062x500

Get ready for life in Pure Radiance!

You go to integrate all aspects of the 'Real You'. The eight Chakra represents your Whole Self connected with life, the world and people around you, with dedication and the ability for unconditional love and deep compassion.

content step 8

  • Yoga video: How to integrate the chakras into your practice
  • Chakra Meditation (mp3)
  • Handout with tips for the day
  • Raw Food Recipes: delicious raw desert

nice extras

  • Individual Skype call to help integrate all into a personal practise
  • a whole yogic and raw life to enjoy


  • Vilma Henkelman from Holland

    Vilma Henkelman from Holland

    Dear Tara I have done 5 retreats with you in the past years... What struck me at the first retreat right away is that you are so modest and have so much wisdom and knowledge to share. Your lessons have made my life mentally and physically so much healthier. I've become aware of what healthy eating does to you. Also I started practicing yoga nearly everyday. Discipline / motivation caused by awareness. Thanks Tara for your tremendous dedication with which you lead the retreats. Pure Radiance is a wonderful continuation of your practical lessons and especially to be able to listen to your valuable teachings ever since. This online course includes an incredible variety of information on meditation, yoga and a healthy life style in general. I can feel the deepest wisdom is passed through you. I have downloaded now all the meditation and yoga classes on my ipod and listen to them very often, they guide me through an inner journey of about 2 hours of blissful Being ness ( the concentrated listening is in itself a mindfulness exercise). It does take some discipline to purify yourself, but with Tara's guidance, her love and her experience it becomes a joy to look forwad too. Pure Radiance was a great gift to myself and it is a wonderful Artwork. Namasté, Vilma from Holland

What do you get?

  • 8 Yoga videos ( 4 hours in total )
  • 8 Pranayama classes ( 2 hours in total )
  • 8 Meditations ( 2 hours in total )
  • 8 Yoga Nidra classes ( 2 hours in total )
  • Lots of delicious recipes
  • Extra videos and mp3's
  • Masses of different Bonus handouts
  • Bonus #1: 4 x 60 min. Q & A calls to ask anything that may have come up
  • Bonus #2: complimentary membership of the
  • Pure Radiance private Facebook group
  • and lots more...

And all this for only € 220 (€ 15, - per week)

Learn yoga, meditation and a healthy lifestyle in alignment with your chakras! 

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