Since 10 years SUNFOODYOGA offers RETREATS with raw food enhanced with superfoods. Here you can try out a selection of some of our most popular recipes. 



Oriental Explosions

This is such a such an easy dish for beginners the patties can be made the same day in the dehydrator or in the lowest heat in the oven with the door open , or if your lucky enough to have it in the sun in a box lined with tin foil and covered with glass.
Served with a mix of vegetables  marinated in sesame oil the night before and popped in the dehydrator too for a few hours before you serve the dish. Finished  with a deep plum sauce....i tend to make a few batches of this so when plums are out of season i still have this in the freezer.

Makes approx 12  patties and serves 6 people:
3 large carrots.
100 grams of Walnuts or Hazelnuts.
2 lg onions.
3 chopped sun dried tomatoes.
2 dates.
Tip of a tsp grated cinnamon.
½ tsp of ginger powder.
½ tsp of freshly ground star anise.
1 tsp of fennel seed ground.
Garlic to taste optional

Marinated vegetables
Half a cabbage.
2 red peppers,
3 med to large carrots.
juice of 2 oranges.
1.tbsp of sesame oil.
1tsp of tamari.

For the patties:
The night before serving this dish , wash and chop cabbage, red pepper, and carrot about same size place in shallow dish with juice of orange tamari and sesame oil. Next day wash the nuts and put in the processor first and when chopped small but still in chunks add everything else except the carrots.
Then add grated carrot and form into a patties, or push it into a form, like a triangle.

For the sauce:
Approximately 8 fresh plums skinned and de-stoned .
Or approximately 100 grams of dried fruit. E.g. Prunes, Dates, Figs.( soaked for 2 hours )
7 sun dried tomatoes( soaked for 2 hours )
Juice of 3 oranges.
Half a thumb of grated ginger.
1 table spoon of tamari.
I tsp of umboshi plum vinegar.
Blend until creamy consistency then put through a sieve.
Serve with Oriental Explosions and marinated vegetables,
or salad dressed with sesame oil dressing and finish with sauce.

This is one of Pam's favorite dishes that she serves on our Yoga & Raw food Retreats