Since 10 years SUNFOODYOGA offers RETREATS with raw food enhanced with superfoods. Here you can try out a selection of some of our most popular recipes. 



Raw Granola recipe

raw granola sunfoodyoga style

Buckwheat and apple are the main ingredients in this granola and we use approximately 2 apples with every cup of buckwheat, You can also play around with the ingredients. You can add less dried fruits to the mix, and add fresh fruit later with your breakfast. The cinnamon, vanilla, pinch of salt and orange zest are real seasonings, so don’t forget them.

Sundried Italian crackers

sundried Italian crackers:

These crackers are easy to make and can be dried in the sun when you are somewhere where the sun is hot enough!

Otherwise you will need a dehydrater. Oce you understand the principle of making these kind of crackers you can experiment..

Cashew cheese

The humble cashew is an immensely versatile nut and has many strings to its bow.
The Cashew tree produces false fruit called apples and the cashews actually grow from the bottom of the fruits hanging like bells.

Just a simple cashew cheese whizzed up in the blender can lend itself to many things.
For me firstly its a cheese which i have in the fridge pretty much all of the time. Its so easy for people wanting to cut dairy out of their lives.

Raw Chocolate Brownie

This is one of the most easiest cakes I ever made and even the most sceptic people find this to be one of the best chocolate brownie they have ever tasted! You need a kitchen machine or high seep blender for this recipe.

You can vary with a thicker base or more icing when you like...

Oriental Explosions

Luckily living in Spain we don't have too many cold days however on one such day i was inspired to make a warming dish that people new to raw would be able to identify with. I thought of the warming spices ginger, cinnamon, star anise and fennel and  so I created a Chinese dish, knowing how we all love a Chinese takeaway occasionally.
I wanted to use local seasonal produce.....walnuts to make the savory taste, combined with squash to stop the nutty patties from drying out, and  sun dried tomatoes to deepen the spices.

Raw berry cheese-cake

Raw cakes are one of the easiest and fun things to make.

In addition to being incredibly tasty, raw (no-bake) desserts can also be some of the healthiest and most planet-friendly options.

Most raw desserts are gluten-free and vegan and great for the warmth of spring or summer.

Raw orange & cacao treats

Again a very easy and most delicious sweet to make in about 5 minutes ( when you have a food processor)

No refined or artificial sweeteners here, they get their sweetness from dried fruit only.