Frequently Asked Questions


  • Yoga classes - see relevant retreat schedule for your dates
  • All meals, fruits and drinks (exceptions are advised in the program notes)
  • Unlimited use of the retreat facilities


  • Flights and transfers to and from our Retreats
  • Holistic therapies: therapists are paid directly by you with local currency
  • Some workshops or/and excursions


Are yoga classes suitable for beginners?

Classes are suitable for all levels of yoga experience. Beginners are always welcome and experienced yogis will be able to connect more deeply to their awareness of inner stillness within movement.

Teaching: Clear precise yoga instruction is in English.

Number of classes: 1 or 2 per day, depending on the program.

My partner/ friend wants to come but may not want to do yoga, is that ok?

Yes, your friend is welcome to attend and not do the yoga classes, though you should inform them that the focus of the retreat is primarily yoga & relaxation.


Do you cater for special diets? Yes we do, just let us know what your needs are

Do you cater for allergies? Please use the booking form to advise us of any ingredients that would cause you to have a serious allergic reaction. There's not much we can do about olive pollen, as we are located in an olive growing area - the main pollen period is from April to June. If that is an issue for you, we recommend you consult your homeopath for a remedy before you arrive.

Will I get enough protein?  Yes, our cuisine contains a balanced amount of dietary protein in vegetables, grains, seeds, legumes, nuts, avocados and some goat's cheese and kefir

Is there any meat? 100% vegetarian menu. No meat.

Is there any alcohol? No. Sunfoodyoga is alcohol-free. We respectfully ask you not to bring or consume alcohol on the premises. There are bars and restaurants in the local town that serve alcohol.

What about Coffee? Although we encourage you to give up coffee during your stay with us, this is not intended to be punitive and therefore coffee is available on request. There is no caffeine on Detox retreats.


We welcome all nationalities, all ages, all genders. The balance between women & men / singles & couples varies from week to week, but generally more women than men and more singles than couples.

The minimum age is 12 There is no maximum age


Our prices are in euros, but you can pay in other currencies.


Can Sunfoodyoga arrange a car to collect me from the airport and take me back?

Yes. See travel info for more details, also for car directions and bus information

Should I book my return taxi before I arrive? No, please book it during your stay at Sunfoodyoga.

Will I need to rent a car? Most of our guests feel that it is better to go sightseeing before or after staying at Sunfoodyoga.

Can I get to Sunfoodyoga by public bus? Yes, again see: travel info 

Can I get to Sunfoodyoga by train? A train stops in Granada, then you can continue to Orgiva either by public bus or a transfer by car (write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

How do I arrange a pick-up if I'm too late for the group transfer? Please forward your flight itinerary to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will arrange a car to meet you.

Unplugging from wifi and digital devices

We invite you to enjoy going unplugged during your retreat and this will also support others who wish to do the same. If you need to use your phone or portable device, please do so as little as possible. Photography with mobile phones is ok, but please be discrete and remember to ask your fellow guests whether they mind being in your photos so that everyone has a choice.


Can I book more time at Sunfoodyoga? - Sometimes this is possible and otherwise we can help you find suitable accommodation somewhere else.


Each retreat program has a fixed cost and duration and we encourage you to participate in the full program. There are no refunds for missed days / hours.


What's the accommodation like? All bedrooms have comfy beds, quality bedlinen and a mid-week towel change. See Accommodation

Do bathrooms have showers or baths? All bathrooms have showers

Are there mosquitos? - A few in summer, but there is no stagnant water and no marshland. A repellant in the evening will usually suffice.

Are there mosquito nets in the bedrooms? - Yes


Can I book my holistic therapies in advance of my retreat? Yes that is possible

What are the optional afternoon activities? Holistic therapies / horse riding/ local thermal spa/ local sightseeing trips/ mountain hiking or walking/ Sleeping / Raw chocolate workshop/ Herb walk/ Snoozing in a hammock or Sunbathing and more. Some of these activities cost extra.

Is there horse riding? There is a friendly horse ranch in Lanjaron with Andalucian horses that have been trained for riding in the mountains. English and Spanish are spoken.

How far is the Mediterranean coast? The costal town of Salobrena is 30 minutes drive from Sunfoodyoga. Our favorite beach is Playa Cantajiran which is about 45 minutes drive from Sunfoodyoga, near to the town of Nerja.

Where can I jog and run? There is a quiet tarmac road nearby and there is also an off-road route with a few stoney goat paths. 


What can I do to prepare? - Some basic preparation before you come will make a big difference to the quality of your experience. We highly recommend that you make an effort to cut down on alcohol, caffeine, sugar, tobacco, red meat and dairy. You do not need to do loads of yoga before you arrive to prepare for the yoga course. You just need to have basic fitness and a beginners mind. Even if you are an experienced yogi, you will be going back to basics to remind you of what you may have forgotten.


  • in summer bring light clothing, sunglasses, UV skin protection, or a pool towel, a wrap or shawl for meditation
  • in winter be sure to bring a warm jacket and slippers and gloves and a hat for cool evenings, but also bring shorts and sandals in case it's really warm.

What NOT to bring?

  • don't bring a yoga mat, we have yoga equipment here.
  • don't bring a clothes iron - you can borrow ours.
  • don't bring a bath towels, except a pool towel can be nice
  • We keep a small stock of tampons, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and body moisturizer for sale.


Do I need to wear a swimsuit in the pool and sauna? Guests generally wear swimwear around the pool, but you may go topless if you wish.


Average temperatures: Spring 20C • Summer 30C • Autumn 20C • Winter 10C


I suffer from ME/ chronic fatigue/ I am recovering from a serious illness - is this retreat appropriate for me?

A Sunfoodyoga retreats can be hugely beneficial to ME sufferers. Our excellent holistic practitioners are here to help you to explore new healing modalities. Deep relaxation whilst on retreat is essential to recovery.

NOTE!! Please discuss your condition with us before you book. For certain conditions, a doctor's authorization may be necessary. See Terms and Conditions

If you have a general question about Sunfoodyoga that is not answered here please email us and we will add it to the FAQ in due course.

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