The Spanish spring sensation!

glorious morning meditation
The morning started with a nice meditation in nature. Becoming still, taking in the beautiful nature all around us. Follow my breath and whenever a worry arrises, remember to focus on my breath or on one of my other senses, the birds, the soft caressing of the morning sun, the smell of herbs. 

Oh yes, there is so much more to life than only that busy brain thingy, assuming so much importance, so much attention. Tara’s warm and melodious voice invites me to let go of all that, maybe set an intention for the week and then even let go of that and let it simply work by itself, stress free remembered and processed. Mine is simple; breaking with my winter eating habits, too often grabbing for something cheesy, buttery, chocolaty, to help me cope with the cold an dreariness of the grey and wet outside world. Even being aware that it also keeps me in that sluggish, bearish wintersleep mood, it is hard to stop. But that’s why I came here; to get stimulated to break free, getting cleansed on the way and inspired into more healthy and invigorating alternative habits…. Well it works, for me and most of us. Gently being veered away from the usual cravings by subtle raw food dishes and great company, before we get to the juices-only days, had no time feeling hungry. 

                                                                                                                       time for juice small

Apart from the juices I was stretching limbs and mind in morning and late afternoon yogaclasses, making gorgeous walks and having hilarious talks in between. Morning classes woke me up, like coffee never would, over the days taking me into asanas I wouldn’t have thought myself capable of at the beginning of the week. Afternoon’s YinYoga classes taught me to sink even deeper within each pose, fill up with peace and space, settle for the evenings filled with enlightening presentations by Clare on the ins and outs of our digestive system, food combining,colon care, and too much more too remember or singing deeply moving Indian mantras with Tara on guitar or shrutibox. The days are too short for so much abundance.

                                morning yoga

Did I mention, that we went up and up and even higher up the mountain, the Sierra Nevada (Snowy Mountain) to a waterfall? Nah, I would never have thought I would, but I did it; admitted only briefly, jump under that ice-cold water straight from the melting snowfields somewhere up there. Pre bake in the sun and work myself up in a sweat, hiking up the hill did the trick, and the sheer wildness of it all, not to forget that others dared as well and were thrilled (and chilled but not letting on). 

snowy peak of Mulhacen Sierra Nevada         relax along mountainstream

Just being up on that mountain, the valley far below, forested it seemed, filled with oranges and olives, I was told,. High above that only so thin layer or level of civilization, of inhabited and cultivated  earth, above which I felt in natural and literal retreat, alone with the butterflies mainly, some birds and an occasional mountain goat.

The other day we went to the other extreme… soaking and pampering ourselves in 1001 nights’ dream. Tara and Clare took us into Granada, once the last Moorish stronghold and capital in Spain, with the world-famous Alhambra sitting on top, spreading its huge walls wide above the city proper, into a Arab Bathhouse, a Hammam. Well, that was treat never to forget. A step out of this world, back in time too, different colours, rounded shapes, terracotta tiles, middle eastern scents and music and lounge in the warm pools, vigorously manhandled by expert masseuse, sipping sweet minttea at the poolside.

granada hammam al andalus 001    Al Andalus Granada pool

I was told that one of the last days of the season at the ski-resort up from Granada, they do a bikini day, skying in swimwear and sunglasses in the morning then rolling down with your friends and have a splash in the Mediterenean Sea, at locally called the Costa Tropical, and rightly so because already in april the hot sun makes it possible to dare a dive into the salty waves. But since I thought that all the booz of the traditionally involved apres-ski and swim didn’t really pair with the cleansing juicy process we were in, I let go of the temptation.

Letting go, was the motto, and truly the hardest letting go was at the end of the week, to let go of the warm family feel that Tara and Clare had created, the joy of company while engaging in deeper and deeper yoga stretches and states of relaxation, my digestive system definitely included, flushed and squeezed, rinsed and cleansed. Yep, ready for live, ready for the summer, even got myself a tan!

 sing along from the heart

Welldone "Guapas", as they say in Spain. You’ll see me again!