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SunFoodYoga Retreats are more than just a fine combination of yoga-exercise and excellent vital raw food. Surrounded by the evocative nature of the Alpujarras in Southern Spain it is a perfect setting to experience the power of yoga, pranayama and meditation, as well as living on a pure raw food diet enhanced with superfoods!

This region is renowned for its great natural beauty of snow covered high mountain peaks, rushing rivers, wild flowers and the costa Tropical with the sea nearby.

Tara with more than 30 years of yoga experience will guide you with her excellent team of raw food chefs into celebrating this life style. Learn how to make (raw) pizza's, lasagna, chocolates and more...

Give yourself the gift to relax, rejuvenate and energize your body, mind and soul for a weekend, one week or 10 days. We also offer Juice Fasting- Detox and Wisdom of Horses Meditation Retreats.

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Pure Radiance Online Course

Pure Radiance Online Course

Whether you want to learn more about yoga, meditation and the chakra system or want to transform your life with healthy raw food, this Online Course will provide you with all the tools you need.

This program offers a six-month journey and guiding experience with videos, audios and handouts to help you on your journey to radiant health!

Become freer, more awake and fully alive!

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Participants share their retreat experiences with SunFoodYoga

  • Becky, Holland

    Becky, Holland

    It has been such a great retreat in Spain (sep 2014) with an amazing yogateacher (Tara) and divine raw food. I can recommend this to anyone who loves to be nurtured with healthy raw food, wants to live a healthy-back-to-nature life style and wants to have some great fun! I am so thankful for this amazing experience and I'll be back soon!

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  • Agnes, Holland

    Agnes, Holland

    So much love, so much care, so much beauty. That must be SunfoodYoga. Thank you for creating this safe space. This feminine space, where women can blossom like flowers in the spring nourished, loved, taken care of. This is what you create Tara! You invite us to love ourselves again. We, all, as a group, as an individual, took this invitation. And look what happened, we are all shiny and bright. Thank you, and bless you and everybody here. Lots of love, tons of it, Agnes

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  • Vilma Henkelman, Holland

    Vilma Henkelman, Holland

    Being with Tara, is believing in the essential of yoga. Her modest and cheerful energy and her vitality shows the result of the teaching. Teachings for the body, but sure also for the mind. "Beauty in all things." Her teaching is beauty. Being with her is beauty.

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  • Anne, U.K

    Anne, U.K

    Certain things come along and change your life. This beautiful retreat is one. I feel so so peaceful and content and able to face life with renewed grace. Thank you Tara for your beautiful, elegant and peaceful teaching.

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